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Our Story

We are excited about our growing family and would like to make you a part of it!

For the love of the Breed! Truly, it all started twenty plus years ago when I fell in love with the Newfoundland breed. I have waited patiently, (ok, perhaps not patiently) until my life was prepared for them. Our Newfoundlands have a sweet disposition and devotion to family. Adonis and Aphrodite are incredibly patient and eager to please (and spoiled rotten, don't tell them I said that). They are working dogs and like to have a job to do. Gentle guidance is all you need to train these devoted members of the family. Our home is definitely full of love, drool, and tons of hair and we could not be more excited about it! ​


Word of caution before you purchase a family dog, which could eventually outweigh you. These gentle giants come with plenty of challenges. Giant breeds are definitely more dog to love but is your home ready to be put to the test? They are very loving and social; they do not do well being alone for lengths of time. Newfoundland dogs have very thick double coats, and grooming will

become quite the chore. Do your research before you commit to these animals, no Newfoundland deserves to end up in a shelter because their human was not ready for them. 

Once you decide a Newfoundland puppy is the proper fit, and you are ready, you will never regret it! In fact, be warned, you will want another! These dogs not only make great companions they are life educators too. Most dog lovers will tell you; their quality of life is better with a dog in it.  While building your lifelong friendship, you will learn valuable life skills that only giant breeds can provide. 

I have spent the last several years working overseas in the emergency services on a military base in Afghanistan. I have witnessed the sacrifices of our soldiers and emergency service members, as well as their families at home. My own family has made our own sacrifices to this endeavor. I have lost several friends and co-workers to the mission here, and a few taking their own lives. I have witnessed the impact support dogs, and family dogs can have to improve the quality of life. Not only has the Newfoundland been a breed I have loved for the last 20 years, I now have this reason to help people better their lives with the support of a loving giant. This passion is why we support and will donate to K9's for Warriors. 

Update January 2021

We might be pregnant in January! Updates, of course, to come. 

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Meet The Team



AKC Newfoundland - Gray

Born July 5th 2018

Our sassy lil' girl is all grown up. She is always tending to Adonis and ready to settle down with her own puppies. 

Working on manners and socialization skills. 

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The Dog Mom

AKC Newfoundland Dog Mom


Our dog mom is not even close to being grown up. She is always dreaming of beaches and Newfys. Working on her socialization and manners...

Focos 6.JPG


AKC Newfoundland - Gray

Born June 2nd 2018

This young man is a mama's boy through & through. He is a dapper, sensitive devoted family man. Working on walking without pulling (still) and socialization skills.

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