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Frequently Asked Questions

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Newfoundlands in Florida?!



There are several precautions that must be taken to ensure our dogs do not overheat. Keeping them in air conditioning during the day and providing plenty of cooling mechanisms (fans, ice, pool/water play, etc). Exercise is performed in the early morning. 

No, we do not shave their fur, it would be counterproductive and possibly sunburn their skin. 

Our Doggos do just fine living in Florida. 

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Completed Health Test


Yes, absolutely.


More info on the way.. 

Peeping Dog

When is your next litter

Aphrodite's next heat cycle is in January. We will be doing our best to ensure a pregnancy. Gestation is 2 months...which would put the due date around March / April 2021. 


Updates will be posted on the website. 


Meet the Parents


If you are interested in adding one of our pups to your family and would like to meet Adonis and Aphrodite, send us an email with your request.  

Highly recommend meeting them, if possible, prior to ownership commitment. If not possible we can explore other options.  

Blood Samples

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Fire Hoses

We support our Fire Depts! Fire Discount 15%