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The Newfoundland

Newfoundland Club of America

The Newfoundland club of America is a wealth of information. Visit their site to find breed standards, breeders, puppy information and locate your local chapter.

American Kennel Club AKC Logo

The American Kennel Club is a excellent source of information. Breed standards, maintaining health topics, training along with local events.  

The Newfoundland Club UK

The Newfoundland Club UK is a great resource for breed standards, training and finding breeders (across the Atlantic). 

More about the breed...

The links above should be your 'Go-To' for most education concerning the dog breed standards. I will not be reiterating what those sites can already provide. Your family veterinarian is also an excellent source for more personalized information specific to your family.

The following is not to discourage anyone from owning a Newfoundland, its meant to increase awareness. 

If you are considering adding a Newfoundland to your family; I highly recommend learning as much as you can about the breed, possibly spending time with some Newfoundlands, before you make a lifetime commitment. Additional considerations would be the cost of vet care, the cost of feeding, finding a family trainer, and the cost of obedience training.














Grooming with this breed can be a daily chore and not for the faint of heart. We have found an amazing local groomer who is trained and familiar with the breed. Again, cost is a factor. Be prepared to have a lot of water spilling from their mouth into your home and drool unlike you have seen before! These are water dogs and they absolutely LOVE the water in any form, water bowl, toilet, and mud puddles. 


There are also some great blogs by breeders and owner sites with a wealth of information on Facebook and Instagram. 

If you have questions, shoot us an email. More Information and more Links to come!

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