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The Newfoundland

More about the breed...
If you are considering adding a Newfoundland to your family; I highly recommend learning as much as you can about the breed. Possibly spending time with some before you make a lifetime commitment to one not understanding the challenges that come with them. They are fantastic family companions, and not to discourage anyone from owning a Newf, but its important to bring awareness to the reality of having them in your home. Are you prepared to put your vacuum to the absolute test? Are you ready to have your furniture rearranged? Perhaps find drool dangling from your chandelier? Do you have time to spend with them? These are not silly or for dramatic effect, I have personally experienced all of these and more. We find the trade off to be worth it, we hope you will too. 
If you are in the Orlando area and are looking for a veterinarian, this is our veterinary hospital and we highly recommend them.
Additional considerations would be the cost of vet care & health care, the cost of quality feed, cost of grooming,
and the cost of obedience training.  
Shedding is what other dog breeds do, Newfoundlands take it to another level. 
We keep several grooming items on hand in addition to our professional grooming service. 
The below items are considered 'Must Haves' we have discovered work well and we are sharing with you. 
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These water dogs absolutely LOVE the water!


Water bowl, toilet, sprinklers, pools and mud puddles. Be prepared to have a lot of water spilling from their mouth into your home and drool unlike you have seen before!

There are also some great blogs by breeders and owner sites with a wealth of information on the web, Facebook and Instagram. 

If you have questions, shoot us an email. 

Fire Hoses

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